Why? You wanna date a cat, or are you just hoping for the rebound?

You're comic style reminds me of a cross between Awkward Zombie and Gunshow. Would you say this is a fair comparison?

You’re probably a better judge of that than I am.

Never heard of Awkward Zombie, Gunshow is rad though.

Arcade Lion, Purraul, Claw Boone, Veronicat, Grandmeow Lily, KT-E, Dog Slave, Whiskitten Rose

All of the Fallout NV followers as cats.

I’m losing my mind haha.

Hey guys, I’d like to go to some Comic Cons this year, maybe grab a table. My only problem is, I’ve never done this before! (Well, Halcon once, but I wasn’t a seller).

My flight passes will get me anywhere in North America… and also Dublin, Ireland for some reason haha. 

If anyone has any suggestions (on what’s popular, cheap, etc.) I would really REALLY appreciate it!

Which is better in your own opinion; Wacom bamboo splash pen tablet (CTL480) or its newer version which is the Wacom intuos CTL480/481? I know it doesn't make my drawing awesome like yours but I would like to know before I buy it.

Get the Bamboo Splash, especially if it’s your first tablet. They’re pretty much the same thing and I’m sure you could find a great deal on the older version.

So uhh, my birthday is on June 11th… I’m gonna be 23.

Please tell me you've got a stand somewhere at Heroes Con?

I’m a Canadian who lives in the boonies. I’ve literally only visited a con once in my life, let alone have a stand at one!

Thinking about this… Man, I really should start visiting Comic Cons in general. Unsurprisingly, my job gives me flight benefits.


¡La encarnación del mal!

El original AQUÍ

Hey someone translated my comic. Neat, thank you.



Part 1 of 2

Now I remember why I abandoned this comic in the first place ahaha!

Due date for part 2 is May 21.

Is this even relevant anymore?

90’s kids will never shut up about the 90’s. This will be relevant until the very last one of us whispers on our dying breath “Shrek is Love, Shrek is-“

how many followers do you have? some of your posts have freaking tonnes of notes and then others have hardly any


I tend to hemorrhage followers almost as quickly as I gain them so it’s surprising I have this many lol. I think people must follow me for a specific reason, but I’m all over the place in what I post.